A holistic approach to fitness

for the

#NewNormal Lifestyle

These are some interesting times we’re living through!

If you’re still figuring out how to navigate these times, stay present in your body, keep that loving connection you made to your core and crush your fitness goals then you’ve come to the right place!

I don’t know about you but I’m guessing “quarantine” wasn’t on your 2020 vision board nor was being your kids teacher! It wasn’t on mine either!!

Yet here we are, making due with what we have and exercising our gratitude muscles daily.

What I do know for sure is that we are all trying to figure it out, juggling many roles, many emotions while trying to honor our own health and wellness.

In order to do that we cant just exercise like we had been, because things are different now. We need to have a holistic approach to fitness. We need a mind body method of movement that serves our soul while shapes our body.

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30 Days of holistic movement!

The Positive 30 is a mind body transformative program helping you to live in a body you love at the pace you need right now.

Are you a...

New mom and need to workout during nap time?

No problem!

Homeschooling mom who is juggling their own work
plus the kids and don’t have an hour to spare?

No problem!

Mom whose kids are grown and home with lots of time?

No problem!

Creating a holistic approach to thriving through a pandemic
is key to coming out of this with a positive mindset and body.

Are you ready to realign with your wellness goals?!

Positive 30

is a kick-ass full body and mindful fitness program offering classes based in the foundation of Pilates that grounds you and keeps you centered with your soulful self.

Everything we will do in class is for you to create a deeper connection to your core, a better relationship with your body, and a more loving mindset for your everyday.

The core classes of Positive 30 include:

A playful take on classical Pilates where we focus on deep abdominal work, lower back & pelvic floor.

A deep dive into the connection to your core and powerhouse using barre, Pilates and mindfulness.

In this class, you will need to bring a mat, light weights (can use water bottles or cans) a towel or resistance band and a positive attitude. If you have a pilates magic circle, aka ring, bring it. If not, don’t worry. It’s totally optional.

For 3 days,
here's What You Get:

3 days of working out
on your own terms and at your own pace

One of the live classes
so you get the feel and energy of a live studio class plus the alignment and corrections you deserve

Access to a library of short and powerful exercises
that give you the boost you need when at the convenience of your shifting schedule