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The Positive 30 is a mind body transformative membership helping you to live in a body you love at the pace you need right now.

I’m Loni, a core confidence coach, master pilates teacher, and belly mentor.

It’s my mission to help people tune in to their body’s innate wisdom so that they can create a deeper connection to their bodies and live in a belly they love.

Pilates is the optimal mind – body form of exercise to focus on this beautiful sacred coming home.

What you’ll find in The Positive 30 are classes for all levels, shapes, sizes and needs. You’ll also find an array of energetic and inner permission work helping you to balance your nervous system and release stored trauma from the body.

Classes like kriya-lates, breathwork, meditations and inner permission work are beautiful balances to pilates.

My goal for you as a member in Positive 30 is feel safe connected and at peace with your body.

This work is so potent and powerful I wanted it to be accessible for everyone.

30 DAYS OF mindful MOVEMENT FOR only $30!

Are you a...

⇒ new mom who can only workout during nap time

⇒ entrepreneur who is juggling their work and busy lifestyle

⇒ stay at home or work from home person

Positive 30 is the perfect DIY program supporting you in whatever season you’re in now. If you are feeling the pull to becoming your next level and ready to realign with your wellness goals….
I got you!!

Positive 30

is a kick-ass full body and mindful fitness program offering classes based in the foundation of Pilates that grounds you and keeps you centered with your soulful self.

Everything we will do in class is for you to create a deeper connection to your core, a safer relationship with your body, and a more loving mindset for your everyday.

Your membership includes:

A classical Pilates where we focus on deep abdominal work, lower back & pelvic floor.

A beautiful combo of KRIYA and core work to help you move energy from your body so you can be more open, flexible and free.

A deep dive into the connection to your core and powerhouse using energetics, Pilates and mindfulness tools like breath-work.

Membership Option:


Go at your pace
$30 per month

Unlimited access to a library of short and powerful exercises, that give you the boost you need when at the convenience of your shifting schedule

One monthly live class, via Zoom


Empower Your Healing
$222 per month

Everything in the supportive level, as well as:

Access to the Permission challenge and belly immersion

One private coaching and/or workout class with Loni

Your purchase is for 30 days. All sales are final. Your 30 day starts from the day you purchase.